{flûr-ish} v. to grow well or luxuriantly, to thrive, prosper.

About Us

At Fleurish (formerly The Flower Shop), we always create everything with just one thing in mind—you. Our designs are inspired by you—our clients—and the people, places and occasions important to you. We bring your sentiments and visions to life in exquisitely fresh flowers, and tasteful décor embellishments that add a distinctively artful touch to everything we create.

Making arrangements is simple — by phone, online or in person. But what’s really refreshing is our service— professional, personal, and nothing short of exceptional.

Thank you for visiting the Fleurish website. We invite you to come visit us in our beautiful antique farmhouse studio. Enjoy coffee on the porch while we talk about your next big (or small) event. We look forward to making all your arrangements—beautifully.

Warm regards,
Tori, Kathy, Alex and Liv